Cevisama 2018

Cevisama 2018 1395 1000 Equipe Cerámicas

This year, at Cevisama 2018, Equipe Cerámicas introduced 4 new collections: Woodland, a collection of woodlook tiles with two different formats that gives complexity to the finishes; Artisan, a traditional wall tile with a handmade finish, covered with bright enamel; we introduce two new volumes too for our successful Magical3 wall tile collection; and as well as a collection with ornamental designs, the Art Nouveaucollection, whose design is inspired by handmade cement tiles.

You can see a short summary below.

Thanks to the Artcer magazine for both the summary video and photographs.

Agradecimientos a la revista especializada Artcer tanto por el video resumen como por la inmensa mayoría de las fotografías.