We present you: Cersaie 2021

We present you: Cersaie 2021 2560 1920 Equipe Cerámicas

At Equipe Cerámicas we resumed our presence in Cersaie not only with a much larger space, but with a larger number of new products, specifically 2 porcelain collections and 4 collections of white-body wall tiles.

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Altea is a collection full of vitality totally inspired by the charm of the traditional architecture of the Mediterranean coast. It has 9 different colors in a glossy finish and is completed by two special pieces to make spaces an aesthetic experience. A great design solution for both professionals and individuals.


Argile takes its name inspired by the pure and warm essence of clay worked by hand but moving away from the classic spirit and finding an urban and modern style. With a matte finish, Argile is a tile that stands out for its realism and its wide colour range. Thanks to its vast colour palette, its natural appearance and its two formats, the versatility of this collection exponentially expands the design solutions for any space.


Bauhome is a daring, eclectic and colorful collection. Inspired by the therapeutic function of color and the urban and pop aesthetics of its geometries, we achieve that the rooms have their own personality. It is made up of 9 base colors and 18 decorations, thus offering designers and architects a perfect tool for their creations to have a differentiating, daring and avant-garde touch.


Lanse is a collection of urban and versatile wall tiles, which stands out not only for its extensive and vast color range, but also recovers a traditional format in the shape of a 5 x 25 cm double arrow. Lanse has a matte finish and a soft base-relief that add elegance to rooms. Designed in 12 colors, 2 of them special, Lanse is a bold, aesthetic, urban and versatile collection, where color and shape are the protagonists.


We present the Limit series as a wall tile created to project environments full of life, with the freshness provided by the glossy finish and the creamy texture with a vintage and artisan spirit.

It transmits delicacy and elegance thanks to the subtle indentation that surrounds the piece. The rough enamel texture has been chosen in the center, framed by a smooth surface that borders it. Exquisite and refined, it is captured in 12 colors with high shade variation, and with this chromatic heterogeneity, we achieve greater dynamism.


And finally, we want to present Oxide, it is a porcelain tile with a smooth relief with an oxide appearance and a straight edge, which is presented in two different shapes: Hexagonal of 17.5 x 20 cm and rhomboid of 14 x 24 cm. It seeks to emphasize the forms, through detonation and color, as an argument in the development of its collocations.

The spirit of the “industrial beauty” trend is translated into 5 colours with high shade variation.

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