Cevisama 2020 Summary

Cevisama 2020 Summary 1090 768 Equipe Cerámicas
Cevisama 2020 - Fachada Equipe

During the current edition of the Cevisama 2020 fair, Equipe Cerámicas presented four new collections:

Matelier: it is a collection of matte lining, soft texture, inspired by textile textures, with a slight rounded edge as a bombato and with a soft detonation that enriches the spaces visually, filling them with life and movement.

Kromatika: a porcelain of small hexagons, with an extensive color range (12 colors), with a smooth finish and a slight detonation that manages to give light and sophistication to a traditional a priori format, but with a renewed air.

Antiqva, a new collection of square porcelain tiles inspired by traditional hydraulic flooring, with a bold touch and differentiated by its use of color in its monochromatic decorations, which subtly add a romantic touch to the spaces.

You can see a short summary below.

Work zone / Matelier & Pictorial

Boutique Area / Kromatica, Matelier & Antiqva

Kitchen Area / Matelier & Antiqva

Kitchen area / Antiqva, Matelier & Kromatika

Reading zone / Kromatica & Pictorial