Equipe forma parte de #EmpresasdelCambio del Pacto Mundial

Equipe forma parte de #EmpresasdelCambio del Pacto Mundial 1500 1500 Equipe Cerámicas

We are part of the #EmpresasdelCambio of @‌pactomundial: we promote the circular economy revolution to counteract environmental challenges.

At Equipe we are committed to transforming our commercial approach, adopting sustainable practices

In 2023, we firmly committed to sustainability and environmental care, and the results speak for themselves. 🌍 80% of the plastic we buy as raw materials originated from reused materials. 💚🌱

Plus, all the plastic waste we generated was recycled! ♻️♻️ 🌍

💚Together, we work towards an economic model that reuses, recycles and regenerates.

Join us on this path towards a more circular and sustainable future! ♻️